Sleep Year

by Human People

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our debut EP

Hayley - guitars/vox
Marisa - guitars/vox
Vicki - drums
Abby - bass

Thanks a bunch to:
Emma Witmer and Hannah Elliott for engineering/producing
Jon Smith for mastering the dang EP

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Out on No Yuppies Records


released March 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Human People New York, New York

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Track Name: In My Speakers
I'm feeling weaker than last year
you climbed in my speakers
you're always here in my mind
running around

you make me feel dumb
you make me feel like i'm nothing
you go and steal away my day

and i will smile when i want to
and hate myself without your help
so don't call me your honey
i don't think it's very funny

the part that creeps up is even worse
the guilt needs a way inside
and i can't hide
Track Name: Máquina
I've been roaming around just trying to get down
the clouds they come
i can see all the waves just drifting away and i'm not having fun
take a bite of my life all pretty and nice the glitter shows
sun shining on down showing it's crown
to it i will bow down

and i am sad so i'll get a job
i'll be glad to be a cog
in the system that drinks all of my blood
in the machine that breaks all of my bones

I just really don't know what to say
can I do this for another day

I think it's my right to be out at night
that's where i live
sun shining on down showing its crown
can't save me now
Track Name: Bedhead
I'm waiting for my moment
Waiting for my moment
hopin i don't blow it
i'm digging deeper and out
you make me so elusive
you make me so elusive
never wanted to be useless
when i was younger i thought
i'd be something but i'm not

cold sweat at my best
i can show you how to get me out of your head
i guess i'm blessed
there's nothing i can do to get me out of your head

you always catch me sleeping
it's cuz i'm always sleeping
all i wanna be is sleeping
when i wake up its dark
i wish i was awake but i just can't stay awake but
i want to be awake when i want to
i can't wake up early when i can
you're so surely tired

bedhead think i'm dead
i'll drive you out think i'm such a big mess
your head in my bed
we will sleep to death and rise up again
Track Name: Phantomhead
I got past the real insane
it's in my bones and not my brain
something came and stole away
every single day

maybe i'm just a phantom
think i'll hang around

who am i who's to blame?
for these thoughts in my brain
looking for another way to keep me insane

maybe i'm just a phantom
think i'll hang around
maybe you've got the answer
but i'm not coming down